Wake Up Fresh and Alert Review

Wake Up Fresh and AlertWake Up Fresh and Alert is a downloadable hypnosis session which works to deeply ingrain the habit of getting out of bed feeling wide awake as soon as your alarm goes off.

If you’re prone to turning the alarm clock off in the morning and falling back to sleep, or constantly press the snooze button and wake up much later than planned, or wake up not even remembering the alarm going off, then this hypnosis session is designed to provide the solution.

How it Works

In the hypnosis session, the hypnotherapist Donna Lee explains that the reason people have difficulty waking up in the morning is because they try and force themselves out of bed with pure willpower, which doesn’t work because you’re not fully conscious when you try and wake up. Instead she recommends delegating the whole process of waking up to the unconscious mind so you wake up fresh and alert completely on autopilot without any conscious thought.

Hypnosis is the ideal platform for achieving this. Hypnosis starts by placing you in a deep state of relaxation. In this state your subconscious mind can be accessed much more easily. It’s your subconscious mind that stores all your deeply ingrained habits and behaviors. Because your subconscious is so much more accessible under hypnosis, it’s ideal to quickly form positive habits, such as waking up feeling fresh and alert as soon as your alarm goes off.

What’s Included in Wake Up Fresh and Alert

The hypnosis session is just over 22 minutes long. The first 10 minutes is used to put you into a state of deep relaxation. Donna Lee’s voice sounds like it was made for hypnosis, it’s incredibly soothing and relaxing to listen to. Click here for a preview of Donna Lee’s voice.

Now that you’re feeling deeply relaxed, the process of forming the new habit begins. In your minds eye you’re taken into a room with a big screen and on that screen you see yourself lying in your bed fast asleep. You notice by the time on your alarm clock that it’s almost time to wake up. When your alarm goes off, you see yourself getting out of bed straight away ready to begin your ideal morning routine feeling fresh, alert, and eager to start your day. You rewind the movie of yourself waking up on the screen and replay it back. You replay it a number of times, and even in fast forward so that you appear to leap out of bed as soon as you notice your alarm going off. Each time you’re reminded of how alert you feel and how the thought of going back to sleep feels completely alien to you.

Once the visualization is complete, Donna Lee counts back from 10 to 1 and you wake up from the hypnosis feeling refreshed, like you’ve woken up from a deep power nap.

My Experiences Using Wake Up Fresh and Alert

As someone who has had major problems with oversleeping I was thrilled to see that someone had designed a hypnosis session to help. To this day it’s the only hypnosis session I’ve come across that specifically targets this problem.

I’ve listened to a number of self hypnosis MP3s over the years for all sorts of things. Everything from confidence building, goal setting and motivation, from a huge range of hypnotherapists. But out of everything I’ve listened to, Wake Up Fresh and Alert is by far my favourite out of the lot.

Most hypnosis sessions take time to kick in. You have to listen to them a few times for the message to deeply penetrate into your subconscious before it becomes habit. But after listening to this session, the results were immediate from the very first morning after using it.

Usually when my alarm went off, I would turn it off, lie back down in bed, and then it be down to pure luck whether I finally got up sometime after or dozed off again only to wake up hours later. But after listening to this hypnosis session, my alarm clock had somehow turned into an unconscious mental trigger for getting out of bed.

As soon as my alarm went off the morning after listening to the hypnosis session, I first felt myself getting out of bed to turn it off, and then shortly after I felt a rush of alertness, and then eagerness to start the day. Feeling bemused by my sudden alertness, I no longer wanted to go back to bed. Since I was already out of bed and wide awake there was no need to.

As Donna Lee explains in the hypnosis session, waking up feeling fresh and alert as soon as your alarm goes off is a self forming habit, meaning the more you actually do it, the stronger it becomes. While I’ve subsequently found this to be true, the hypnosis session definitely laid down the framework to kick start this life enhancing habit. I must have saved a huge number of hours from unnecessary oversleeping since buying this hypnosis session, not to mention the tiredness and the problems falling asleep the night after.

Pros of Wake Up Fresh and Alert

  • Very quickly forms the habit of waking up completely alert when your alarm goes off
  • Incredibly relaxing to listen to and just the right duration to incorporate into a power nap
  • Unique – I’ve yet to encounter any other hypnosis session that targets oversleeping

Cons of Wake Up Fresh and Alert

  • Only focuses on waking up. Would have been nice for it to also cover falling asleep at night. Although, falling asleep does become much easier when you haven’t overslept.

Overall Verdict

if you have problems oversleeping, there is simply no quicker and easier way to break the habit. Waking up as soon as your alarm clock goes off not only saves you time in the morning, but because it also helps you create a good sleep schedule, you’ll save time trying to fall asleep at night too. Download this hypnosis session and groggy mornings will soon become a thing of the past.