Subliminal Audio

In this article we take a look at subliminal audio aimed at helping you sleep. Do they really work? Let’s take a look at the facts.

The aim of subliminal audio for sleep is to work behind the scenes to install positive beliefs in your mind about your sleep, without you having to make any conscious effort.

How subliminal audio works

Your awareness is divided into two areas, your conscious and you subconscious. Your conscious mind contains everything you perceive at this given time. You might be noticing how hot or cold you are, whether you’re hungry or thinking about your goals and what you want to achieve today.

But your conscious thoughts are just the tip of the iceberg. Your subconscious mind contains the vast majority of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. It’s a huge archive of data stored within the depths of your brain.

Subliminal MP3sFor example, have you ever felt stressed, tense or upset and never known why? The emotion is the result of your subconscious emotions, ones that bypass your conscious mind. Just because you don’t perceive it with your conscious mind, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not there.

It’s our subconscious that creates our dreams at night. That’s why dream interpretation is so powerful, helping us decode messages from our subconscious. Messages and realisations our conscious mind has no idea of.

If your mind processed every piece of information, every sound, movement, thought and feeling, it would go nuts! It would be information overload. Your mind distorts, generalises and deletes information it is given. For example, if you have a clock that ticks, you don’t hear the ticks all the time. They may feed in and out as you notice them. That’s your mind deleting information it doesn’t feel needs to be processed, so you’re simply not aware of it.

Subliminal audio works by providing positive messages that are just below the level to hear them. So you can’t consciously hear them, but the information is still processed by your brain. It bypasses your conscious mind and slips straight into your subconscious.

Does subliminal audio really work?

Does subliminal audio really work is it just the latest new age fad? Let’s take a look at the news and research related to subliminal audio.

  • Time Magazine reported in 1979 that nearly 50 department stores in America and Canada were successfully using subliminal audio to create a significant drop in shoplifting and employee theft.
  • Journal of Personality and Social Psychology in 1987 confirmed that subliminal audio that you can’t hear does get picked up and processed by the mind. They also concluded that subliminal messages were more powerful than actually listening to the same messages at a low volume, providing evidence that subconscious messages were more powerful than conscious ones.
  • Tests performed by Parker writing for the Journal of Counselling Psychology 1982 found that students exposed to subliminal messaging achieved significantly higher grades than those who weren’t.
  • The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease showed that people who received subliminal messaging after receiving therapy to stop smoking had a noticeably improved chance of stopping altogether. Subliminal MP3s has its own successful Stop Smoking Subliminal which works in a similar way to the one in the test.

A list of research papers that support subliminal messaging is available at Real Subliminal. Wikipedia also provide references to subliminal research that, while not as rose tinted as Real Subliminal’s references, still show that subliminal audio does create positive results.

How subliminal audio can aid your sleep

Subliminal AudioFirst, it’s important to note that subliminal audio is an aid to sleep and not an all in one insomnia solution. If you do nothing other than listen to the subliminal, you probably won’t get very good results. There’s no substitute for taking real action.

Subliminal audio has many misconceptions. They’re not instant and they don’t put you into a trance. They’re a completely natural way of sending positive messages to your brain.

They’re great for firing up your motivation, creating focus and creating the right conditions in your mind to really get the heart of the problem and make changes. Like hypnosis, they can be used remove negative beliefs replacing them with positive ones that leave you feeling empowered.

With the mental side taken care of, you’re free to focus on the solution and take the action to make it happen. An unhealthy mindset for sleep is a common cause for insomnia and one that can leave many people feeling helpless, especially when the root cause lies deep in the subconscious.

Subliminal MP3s for sleep and insomnia

A good website to download subliminal audio is Subliminal MP3s. They offer a large range of subliminal audio, and offer the following sessions related to sleep:

Each album comes with 5 tracks:

  • Ocean
  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Thunderstorm
  • Silent (but still containing subliminal messages)

Each of these tracks contain the same subliminal messages, so you’re free to pick whichever one that suits your mood. Even without the subliminal messages, these nature sounds will help you relax and drift off to sleep. Perfect if like me you sleep better with some background noise. And if you prefer silence as you drift to sleep, the silent track allows for just that and you’ll still gain all the positive subliminal messages. You can listen to samples of all of these tracks on each product page.

The subliminal messages have an easier time slipping deep into your subconscious while you relax as opposed to when you’re wide awake. This is why many hypnosis sessions start by getting you to relax deeply before providing any hypnotic suggestions to achieve the best results.

The at the time of writing, each subliminal download comes with a 60 day money back guarantee so if you don’t get the results you’re looking for within that time you can claim back your money. Perfect if you want to experiment with subliminal audio without potentially buying something that doesn’t give the results want.

Subliminal audio is not a magic bullet to cure insomnia but it could provide a worthwhile boost to your sleep.