Sleeping at Work – How to Sleep on the Job

We’ve all been there, usually on a Monday morning after having a little too much fun over the weekend. You’re at your desk totally sleep deprived, ready to fall asleep this instant, but you’ve got a full eight hour work day ahead of you.

So what do you do? Well there are three options; pull a sicky, suck it up, or grab some sleep at work. Pulling a sicky on a Monday morning is way too obvious, trying to suck it up you would likely contribute to the $31 billion of sleep related workplace accidents per year, so sleeping on the job becomes an attractive proposition.

While nothing beats a full eight hours worth of sleep, taking a quick power nap can be surprisingly refreshing. Just 20 minutes of sleep increases alertness by 54%, with workers performing 34% better after the nap

Unless you’re lucky enough to work for a forward thinking company like Google, sleeping at work requires nothing less than a full scale covert operation, suitable only for the sneakiest and most daring among us. If you’re up for the challenge, here are six strategies for sleeping on the job. Just make sure you remember to wake up after the 20 minutes has past, or you might have some explaining to do. 😉

Strategies for Sleeping at Work