Important – is changing (for the better)

August 25 2014

In last month’s newsletter I mentioned that the website was soon to be undergoing some major changes. Now I’m finally ready to share with you what I’ve been working on for the past year and how it can help you sleep better than ever before.

1. has changed its name to

From today, is now

So why did I change it? Because I wanted to make the website stand out. If you type ‘sleep’ into Google you’ll find tons of websites giving out the usual sleep tips that everyone with insomnia has heard a million times before.

When people see appearing in the search results, they think that it’s just another sleep website. One that’s probably sponsored by big pharma with the goal of selling you a bunch of meds. Or people think it just contains the same dry information as many of the other sleep websites out there.

But isn’t about giving endless sleep tips. It’s about getting you to change your old sleep habits. If you can get better sleep habits, you will sleep better.

That’s what the website has always been about – teaching you how to sleep like a natural born deep sleeper, even if you’re currently a chronic insomniac, just by replacing the habits that cause insomnia with the habits that promote sleep.

So I think the name Sleep Habits fits much better.

2. A new step by step method to overcome insomnia

Changing your sleep habits is the most effective lifelong cure of insomnia. But the problem is that changing your sleep habits isn’t easy.

First you need to know what sleep habits you need to change. Then you need to find the tools and techniques that will help you develop better sleep habits. Trying to find everything you need is like trying to navigate through a huge maze. There’s just so much stuff that you need to learn about. Without guidance, most people get stuck in the maze and never reach the other side. They never totally overcome their insomnia.

I developed in 2009 to help uncover the same path I used to navigate through my own insomnia maze. There are now over 120 articles on the website. It’s a colossal amount of material, and if you don’t know where to begin, you’ll still probably end up getting lost.

That’s why I’ve developed the Sleep Habits Academy. It’s a 21 day online training course that guides you through, step by step, everything you need to go from an insomniac to a natural deep sleeper.

It’s available right now. You can sign up here and get the first 5 days absolutely free. If after the 5 days you choose to continue, you can get the entire course for the price of a video game.

It’s the first product I’ve ever released and I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out. All the course material is completely fresh and new. It’s based around cognitive behavioral therapy and the very latest scientifically proven techniques to help you sleep better.

In 21 days, you really can learn all the habits you need to sleep better and beat your insomnia for good. Sign up now and see for yourself.

* * *

Research shows that a third of the population suffers from insomnia. As a recovered insomniac, my goal has always been to help reduce that number. I hope you’ll agree that today’s two announcements are a step in the right direction. :)

Best regards,

Paul Jordan
Founder of /