Hypnosis Reviews – The Best Hypnosis for Sleep & Insomnia

Self hypnosis is a highly effective sleep aid. Hypnosis is used to shift your mind’s focus away from any stray thoughts of worry or stress, instead creating and placing your attention on relaxing thoughts and feelings that slowly drift you off to sleep.

For a full explanation of how hypnosis works, see the article How Hypnosis Can Help You Sleep.

Hypnosis is only as effective as the hypnotherapist performing it. All of the hypnosis downloads I’ve listed here are from qualified hypnotherapists who have had extensive experience helping people with problems sleeping.

Below I have reviewed three hypnosis sessions from the two major providers of hypnosis download. Each of these three sessions are designed to help you relax more easily and fall asleep faster. At the bottom of this article I’ve provided a list of specialized hypnosis sessions designed to deal with specific sleep problems.

Sleep Now

Sleep Now

Sleep Now is designed to help you beat insomnia in a single 18 minute long hypnosis session. It’s voiced by Barry St John, a professional hypnotherapist and counselor who has 10,000 hours of experience working one to one with clients in his London Harley Street clinic.

It’s one of the best selling hypnosis sessions of SelfHypnosis.com, one of the web’s leading providers of hypnosis products. SelfHypnosis.com first started out selling a few hypnosis cassettes in 2002. Now it has over 100 hypnosis sessions to choose from.

Sleep Now is specially designed to put you into a state of deep relaxation. The same relaxed state you naturally go into moments before you drift off to sleep. It uses specialist techniques to relax all the muscles in your body. It takes you through a range of hypnotic visualizations, placing your awareness on relaxing tranquil thoughts to eliminate any stress or anxiety so you can easily drift off to sleep.

Pros of Sleep Now

  • Straight away puts you in a state of deep relaxation
  • Achieves a lot in just 18 minutes

Cons of Sleep Now

  • I personally found his voice a little hard to relax to (talked a little too quickly) – listen to his audio preview before buying and judge for yourself
  • Puts you in a state of deep relaxation but doesn’t provide any insight into bad habits that can cause insomnia.


Sleep Now is a quickfire solution if you want to fall asleep faster or to use for nights you find it difficult for sleep. It’s not comprehensive enough to cure a full blown insomnia problem but is otherwise a great natural alternative to taking a sleeping pill.

Price: $14.99 | Download from SelfHypnosis.com

Wake Up Fresh And Alert

Wake Up Fresh And Alert

Wake Up Fresh & Alert contains a powerful technique that enables you to wake up feeling totally refreshed the exact moment your alarm clock goes off. Perfect if you feel groggy when you wake up in the morning or you’re prone to oversleeping because you constantly hit snooze in the morning. It’s available from SelfHypnosis.com and voiced by New York hypnotherapist Donna Lee.

Most people use their conscious willpower to try and wake up in the morning. This doesn’t work very well because this part of the brain is only half awake when your alarm goes off. Instead, this hypnosis session utilizes your unconscious mind. It teaches it to associate the sound of your alarm clock with the action of getting up straight away as soon as it goes off and the feeling of being wide awake and alert.

I’ve listened to a wide variety of hypnosis sessions for sleep and also for many other things. This hypnosis session is one of the most effective hypnosis sessions I have ever listened to. Usually hypnosis sessions take a couple of days to sink in and take effect. This one started working the first morning after I listened to it.

Pros of Wake Up Fresh And Alert

  • Quickly forms the habit of waking up feeling alert as soon as your alarm goes off
  • Totally unique – I haven’t found any other hypnosis session that covers waking up

Cons of Wake Up Fresh And Alert

  • Only focuses on waking up and not other factors such as going to sleep at the right time


There’s no quicker and easier way to break the habit of oversleeping and to naturally wake up in the morning feeling energized.

Price: $14.99 | Download from SelfHypnosis.com | Full Review

Insomnia Beater Pack

Insomnia Beater Pack

This is a fully featured comprehensive hypnosis pack designed to beat insomnia by training your mind to fall asleep easily and making you aware of the bad sleep habits that can cause insomnia.

It comes from Hypnosis Downloads, a hypnosis company founded in 2003 which has since grown into the world’s largest provider of hypnosis downloads.

The Insomnia Beater Pack contains 5 hypnosis sessions:

  • Fall Asleep Fast – How to use guided visualization to quickly send you off to sleep

  • Drift Off To Sleep – Tap into you innate natural ability to fall asleep

  • Sleep Like a Child – Create the right state of mind to allow yourself to rest deeply and fall asleep

  • Cure Insomnia – Understand what causes the problem of insomnia and how you can easily relax and fall asleep at night

  • Go Back To Sleep – Relax back into sleep and discover how you can sleep throughout the night

The combined length of these 5 hypnosis sessions is 2 hours and 11 minutes. Each session contains instruction on how to get better sleep and a host of hypnotic relaxation techniques designed to leave you in a deeply relaxed state on the edge of sleep, if you haven’t drifted off already.

Pros of the Insomnia Beater Pack

  • Probably the most comprehensive hypnosis product available to help you sleep better
  • Addresses a full range of issues that may cause insomnia
  • Teaches you the powerful technique of creative visualization

Cons of the Insomnia Beater Pack

  • Would have been nice for insomnia advice to remain separate from the actual hypnosis session for repeat listening


The Insomnia Beater Pack is the most comprehensive hypnosis solution for insomnia that I have ever come across. It’s the ideal solution if your mind just won’t turn off at night or if you feel frustrated that you just can’t seem to be able to fall asleep at night.

Price: $49.95 | Download from Hypnosis Downloads | Full Review

Specialist Sleep Hypnosis Sessions

Here are some more specialized hypnosis sessions designed to help a specific area of sleep: