Insomnia Beater Pack Review

Insomnia Beater PackThe Insomnia Beater Pack is a comprehensive set of hypnosis sessions specially designed to help you fall asleep faster and overcome insomnia. It teaches you how to use hypnotic visualization to quickly and deeply relax, trains your brain to stay asleep the whole night, and eliminates any negative stressful thoughts that keep you awake at night.

The Insomnia Beater Pack is produced by Mark Tyrrell and Rodger Elliott who are both directors of Uncommon Knowledge, a company based in Scotland who have been providing hypnosis training since 1995. In 2003 they launched their website Hypnosis Downloads which has since grown into the worlds biggest provider of online hypnosis downloads.

Out of all the sleep hypnosis I’ve reviewed the Insomnia Beater Pack is my favourite for overcoming insomnia.

How Hypnosis Helps You Fall Asleep

The basic idea of hypnosis is to place your attention and awareness on thoughts and feelings that help you relax and fall asleep.

People often have trouble sleeping because they have developed a few negative thought patterns such as:

  • Using their time in bed to review the day, going through various ‘what if’ scenarios inside their head and thinking about any tasks they still need to do
  • Worrying about not being able to fall asleep. They imagine themselves feeling sleepy the next day and start worrying.
  • Trying to force themselves to fall asleep, getting more and more frustrated because they just can’t seem to drift off to sleep

These thought patterns create a huge amount of stress and agitation which makes it almost impossible to relax and fall asleep. The more you repeat these thought patterns the more they become habit and the worse the problem becomes.

When natural good sleeper goes to bed they don’t have these thought patterns. They just relax and fall asleep. It’s as natural to them as the stressful thoughts are to the people who can’t sleep. Any thoughts when they’re in bed are relaxed and dreamlike. They know that they’ll soon be fast asleep.

Hypnosis provides a way of breaking free of the negative thought patterns that keep you awake. It gives you the opportunity to gain the same mindset of someone who’s able to fall asleep easily. It teaches you how to relax deeply and naturally drift off to sleep, thinking sleepy positive thoughts instead of stressful negative thoughts.

What’s included in the Insomnia Beater Pack

The Insomnia Beater Pack contains five hypnosis sessions:

  1. Fall Asleep Fast – How to use guided visualization to quickly send you off to sleep
  2. Drift Off To Sleep – Tap into you innate natural ability to fall asleep
  3. Sleep Like a Child – Create the right state of mind to allow yourself to rest deeply and fall asleep
  4. Cure Insomnia – Understand what causes the problem of insomnia and how you can easily relax and fall asleep at night
  5. Go Back To Sleep – Relax back into sleep and discover how you can sleep throughout the night

The combined duration of these sessions is 2 hours and 11 minutes. Each session starts by discussing a few sleep tips before moving on to the main hypnosis.

1. Fall Asleep Fast

Topics Discussed

  • The process and experience of falling asleep
  • The importance of a wind down period
  • Why you shouldn’t try to fall asleep
  • A technique to alter your core body temperature to fall asleep faster

Hypnosis Session

  • Hypnotic visualizations to make you feel relaxed
  • Keeping daytime thoughts locked away and distant
  • taking refuge in your internal dream like state

Duration: 20 minutes and 32 seconds

Price when sold separately: $14.95

2. Drift Off To Sleep

Topics Discussed

Gives a very brief overview of a few good sleep habits before going straight into the hypnosis.

Hypnosis Session

  • Designed to slowly drift you off to sleep
  • Slows your thoughts so they become hazy dreams
  • Takes you on a long guided hypnotic visualization through a forest and through the rolling hills
  • Gives you a sense of appreciation for everything you have, knowing that everything’s okay

Duration: 31 minutes and 42 seconds

Price when sold separately: $14.95

3. Sleep Like a Child

Topics Discussed

  • Recreating the care-free mindset of a child
  • The changes your body makes when it falls asleep
  • Why relaxed restfulness is better than restless sleep

Hypnosis Session

  • Slows down your internal thoughts so they begin to drift away
  • Enhances the feeling of comfort around your body
  • Makes you remember times when you felt sleepy as a child such as on the back seat of a car late at night on a long journey
  • Ends with a fairy tale bedtime story to make you feel like a carefree child again

Duration: 31 minutes and 28 seconds

Price when sold separately: $14.95

4. Cure Insomnia

Topics Discussed

  • How to encourage sleepiness
  • How to have a good sleep routine
  • How worrying about sleep causes insomnia

Hypnosis Session

  • Takes you through a few simple hypnotic visualizations invoking all five of your senses
  • Imaging yourself relaxing, enjoying the final moments wakefulness as you drift off to sleep
  • Gets you to notice the gap between your thoughts becoming longer and longer
  • Provides a range of visualizations that you can do on your own without the help of the MP3

Duration: 16 minutes and 12 seconds

Price when sold separately: $14.95

5. Go Back To Sleep

Topics Discussed

  • What to do if you wake up in the night
  • How to avoid becoming fully awake
  • How to drift off back to sleep easily

Hypnosis Session

  • Designed to send you back to sleep fast
  • Stops your mind from engaging in any stressful thoughts
  • Thoughts become hazy and the gap in-between them becomes longer
  • A very boring hypnosis session to listen to when you’re awake but does a great job of sending you back to sleep

Duration: 31 minutes and 47 seconds

Price when sold separately: $14.95


Each of the hypnosis sessions are extremely good at getting you to relax and fall asleep. I had to listen to each of these sessions in the daytime for the purposes of this review because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to tell you what they contained. When I listen to them at night I only take in a small fraction of what the hypnotist is saying because they’re so good at sending you off to sleep.

The sessions in the Insomnia Beater Pack are ordered from 1 to 5 but there’s no real order to them. Cure Insomnia would be a natural starting point but instead Fall Asleep Fast comes first. Surely you should learn how to sleep before trying to sleep fast? There’s also a bit of an overlap where you’ll hear the same sleep tip from another session but thankfully this only rarely happens. It’s more like a gentle reminder than an irritation.

Rather than buying a 5 session hypnosis course what you’re really buying is a pack 5 hypnosis sessions that can also be bought separately. The advantage of buying the pack is that it comes at a heavy discounted price compared to buying each session individually. Having 5 hypnosis sessions keeps things fresh and the content is different enough to make it worthwhile having them all. Listening to the same hypnosis session becomes a chore, so even if you’re on the tightest of budgets I would recommend getting at least 2 sessions so you can alternative between them.

So can the Insomnia Beater Pack really help you beat insomnia? If your insomnia is caused primarily by problems with your sleep schedule or an uncomfortable sleep environment, then the Insomnia Beater Pack will definitely help you relax quicker and probably help you sleep better, but it won’t act as an all in one solution to insomnia. But if your insomnia is caused by excessive mind chatter and stressful thoughts that prevent you from relaxing, then this hypnosis pack really can help you beat your insomnia.

Pros of the Insomnia Beater Pack

  • Designed by the biggest hypnosis provider on the Internet, with almost 20 years of experience
  • Most comprehensive hypnosis product I have ever found that helps you sleep better
  • Teaches you the powerful technique of creative visualization

Cons of the Insomnia Beater Pack

  • If your insomnia isn’t caused by an overactive mind, this hypnosis pack might still help you sleep better but it wouldn’t cure your insomnia
  • I would have prefered the insomnia advice to remain separate from the actual hypnosis session. When I listen again I want to hear the hypnosis session, not the same advice. Thankfully the advice section is only a few minutes long


The Insomnia Beater Pack is the most comprehensive hypnosis solution for insomnia that I have ever come across. I purchased this pack for myself over a year ago and still use it on nights where my mind just won’t turn off. If you too suffer from an overactive mind, the Insomnia Beater Pack is the fastest and most effective solution I could recommend to you.