The Smart Way to Overcome Insomnia

The Sleep Habits Academy an online course specially designed to help you overcome even the toughest insomnia.

By using the latest scientific research and cognitive behavioural therapy techniques, this course will help you fall asleep faster, sleep for longer and wake up feeling bright and alert.

The 5 Steps to Better Sleep

The Sleep Habits academy is a 21 day course broken down into 5 steps:

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1. Unravel the Mysteries of Sleep

Ever wondered why some people fall asleep the moment their head hit's the pillow, whilst others say awake well into the early hours of the morning? By knowing how sleep works, you'll understand what it takes to create a great night's sleep.

2. Build a Rock Solid Sleep Schedule

Your sleep schedule governs when you feel sleepy and when you feel awake. It's absolutely key to beating insomnia. No matter how broken your current sleep schedule is, this step will help you get it back on track.

3. Get the Mindset of a Natural Deep Sleeper

You can't fall asleep if your mind fills with thoughts the moment your head hits the pillow, no matter how sleepy you are. This step shows you how to relax completely and effortlessly drift into a natural deep sleep.

4. Create the Perfect Sleep Environment

If you haven't got a good sleep environment, you're unknowingly sabotaging your chances of getting a good night's sleep. By making a few simple changes, you can transform your bedroom into a place where sleep comes naturally.

5. Live an Insomnia Free Life

It's a fact: our modern 24 hour society makes getting good sleep so much harder than it used to be. In this step, you'll make the final changes you need to rid yourself of insomnia for good and sleep well no matter what life throws at you.

What Makes the Sleep Habits Academy so Effective?

Here’s how the Sleep Habits Academy is different from the so called miracle cures:

It's Scientifically Proven

The Sleep Habits Academy is a combination of the very latest scientific research and modern Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. These techniques have been tried, tested and proven to work by some of the world's greatest scientific minds.

Cures Chronic Insomnia

Whether you haven't been able to sleep for a couple weeks, or you haven't gotten a good night's sleep in a couple of decades, it doesn't matter. These techniques are designed to cure even the most difficult cases of insomnia. Including your insomnia!

Completely 100% Natural

Ask anyone with insomnia and they'll tell you; sleeping pills don't work. No one is born an insomniac. Everyone has the ability to become deep sleepers with the right training. Your body's natural sleep system is all you need - no medication (or any other sleep aid) required.

Written by an Ex-Insomniac

Trust me, I know exactly how hard it is to live with insomnia. I suffered with chronic insomnia for over 15 years. This course takes you through the same techniques used by myself and many others to overcome it. It condenses 6+ years of personal research into just 21 days.

Easy Step by Step Process

The sleep Habits Academy makes learning sleep good sleep habits as simple as possible. Each day takes only 10 minutes to complete and you can access the Academy from anywhere with an internet connection, on your phone, tablet or computer.

A Long Lasting Cure

The Sleep Habits Academy isn't a quick fix. It's designed to change lifelong patterns of thinking and give you new sleep promoting habits. The course teaches you how to deal with deal with any future quickly and effectively.

Sign up now and get the first 5 days completely free. It'll only cost you to get the entire course if you choose to continue after the 5 days.

After taking the course, you'll be able to fall asleep faster, sleep for longer and be one of those people who actually enjoys the mornings. Try it now and see for yourself.