About Me and How I Became an Ex-Insomniac

Ex Insomniac - Paul JordanHi I’m Paul Jordan, founder of Sleep Habits and author of most of the articles you’ll find here.

If you’re suffering with insomnia, I know exactly how you feel. I suffered with insomnia for over 15 years. From childhood, to being a teenager, to going into adulthood. Insomnia affected me in every area of my life. I felt helpless to stop it.

I was halfway through my second year of university when I knew I had to do something. It was in the early hours of the morning and I was completely wide awake. I had lectures to go to that morning. It was yet another day that I would spend as a sleep deprived zombie.

Hearing of my problems, one of my friends offered me some of is his powerful prescription sleeping pills. I had already taken sleeping pills in the past. They made me sleep, but they would also make me feel sleepy during the day. Taking pills every night for the rest of my life wasn’t something I was prepared to do. I knew there had to be a better option.

I tried every natural sleep aid you could think of. Aromatherapy, hypnosis, binaural beats, anything I could get my hands on. Some of them made me feel a little sleepier, but they just didn’t seem to work well enough to send me to sleep. I felt like I was doing something right, moving in the right direction at least, but my insomnia still remained.

With few options left, I decided to learn more about insomnia. I wanted to know why I was suffering from it. Why some people could sleep well whilst others couldn’t. I wanted to know what made me different.

So I went down to my local bookshop and bought the only book they had on sleep problems, a book called Insomnia and Other Adult Sleep Problems. It was a rather small thin book. It looked rather unremarkable, but that book changed my life. The content wasn’t exactly amazing, it just provided a basic overview of sleep problems.

What it taught me was that insomnia happens for a reason. You’re not born with it. You’re not doomed to suffer with it for the rest of your life. Something that you’re doing is causing your insomnia. By eliminating cause, which can be as simple as changing a few bad sleep habits, insomnia goes away. Sleep problems only occur when something is blocking your sleep. Remove the blocks and sleep is just what naturally happens!

As I began to identify what could be causing my insomnia, and tackling those causes head on, my insomnia started to go away. It wasn’t simple, easy or fast. My insomnia mainly the result of an overactive mind that wouldn’t keep quiet in bed, a rubbish sleep schedule that varied by the day. There are many other causes of insomnia but those are the causes that affected me the most.

The natural sleep aids I tried in the past helped with my overactive mind, but my poor sleep schedule remained, so it’s no wonder that they didn’t work in hindsight. Keeping to a strict sleep schedule is tough. Forcing myself to get up at the same time each day didn’t work for long. I would soon succumb to the sleep deprivation and oversleep.

After reading my first book about insomnia I soon read plenty more. I learnt about how the sleep schedule worked. How the body knows what time it is, what exactly makes you feel sleepy, and tips on how to shift your sleep schedule backwards so you feel sleepy earlier in the day.

It wasn’t a quick fix, but my knowledge of how sleep worked, how to create a good night’s sleep, and what to do to avoid insomnia slowly started to work. In the months that followed my insomnia became less and less. Eventually it disappeared entirely.

I started Sleep Habits shortly after overcoming my insomnia to share what scraps of information I had. I figured that what I had learnt might also help other people find the cure to their insomnia too. It was a small website with only a few articles. I didn’t pay any money to promote the website, but soon word of mouth was bringing in hundreds of people a month, then hundreds of people every week, then hundreds every day.

Although my insomnia was a thing of the past, I still kept trying to find out as much about it as I could. In part to ensure I never suffered from it again, but also because I wanted to help other people with their own insomnia problems. I kept adding articles to the website to share this new information. It’s now been over 5 years since I started this website and it’s still growing!

Just by understanding how sleep works and by applying good sleep habits into my life, I’ve gone from someone who took 5+ hours to fall asleep into someone who can fall asleep in less than 5 minutes. If someone like me, who never before had a good night’s sleep could do it, then I truly believe you can too.

Have a read of the articles on this website and see if you can find out what’s causing your sleep problem. The better you understand the cause, the better position you’ll be in to tackle it. Be prepared to take action, you won’t get anywhere if you don’t practically apply what you’ve learnt. Take each day as it comes, be patient and little by little, your sleep will begin to improve.

For a complete step by step approach to overcoming your insomnia, I encourage you to sign up to the Sleep Habits Academy. It’s an online course I developed that gives you all the habits you need to sleep better and overcome insomnia. It’s 21 days long and you get the first 5 days completely free so you can test it out for yourself.

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