The Best Colors for your Bedroom

The quickest way to alter the mood of a bedroom is to give it a new color. Whether it’s by changing the bedsheets, curtains, carpet or painting the walls. Each color has its own feeling that invokes a different psychological response within us.

By understanding how different colors affect us, we change a dingy bedroom into our own piece of paradise, an escape from the stresses and strains of modern day life.

In this article, we take a look at the best colors for your bedroom.


Blue bedroom

Blue resembles a clear blue sky and fresh, clear water.  Blue provides us with a feeling of inner peace, allowing us to cool off from the turmoil of life.  A relaxing, revitalising color.


Red Bedroom

Red is the color of passion, strength and all out action.  A bold, exciting color but when used in moderation can provide feelings of warmth and cosiness. Particularly soothing on a cold winter’s day.


Green Bedroom

Green is very calming and grounding color, reminding us of our connection to nature.  Green provides feelings of balance and harmony, giving your room a natural, stress free atmosphere.


Yellow Bedroom

Yellow is a bright, uplifting, positive color.  Yellow resembles the sun and encapsulates its warmth and energy along with feelings of excitement and optimism.  Like the sun, yellow awakens our senses with a bright alertness.


Pink bedroom

Pink varies dramatically depending on its shade.  Bold dark pink is full of passion, energy and vitality. A light shade of pink resembles nurturing feminine energy that is loving, caring and soothing.


Orange Bedroom

Orange provides us with feelings of warmth, joy and happiness.  Orange is a very social color that brings the best out of everyone with its fun, energising vibe.  Orange gives a feeling of warmth and sparks our creativity.


Purple Bedroom

Purple is the color of spirit.  A color once prized by ancient monarchs as a symbol of wealth since its dye was very expensive and exclusive.  Purple rooms provide a place of quiet contemplation raising our sense of awareness, purpose and dignity.  A color that awakens as well as purifies.


Brown Bedroom

Resembling the wood of a tree, brown gives us a sense of security.  Brown brings us back to earth allowing us to become calm and collected after a hectic day.  A strong, practical color.


White Bedroom

A color that represents purity, clarity and clear thinking.  Peaceful and cleansing.  White reminds us of fluffy clouds, but also the color of emptiness.  A blank slate from which to build from.  A color prized by Zen masters for its peaceful tranquillity and life giving energy.

The best color for your bedroom?

The truth is that there is no ultimate undisputed color for you bedroom.  What’s my favourite color may not be your favourite color.  While each color has its own universal emotions, everyone has their own personal preferences.

Choose a colors that relax you and make you feel safe.  Make your bedroom uniquely you.  Your own personal oasis.

You may want to go for one color or choose a variety of different colors that complement each other to provide the desired mood. Experiment, be creative and have fun. :)