The Most Relaxing Ambient Music: Fall Asleep Naturally & Effortlessly

Ambient music is designed to be background music. There’s no drumbeat and no singing, just slow dreamy music. It’s very relaxing to listen to. It’s ideal for unwinding after a long busy day. It helps your body to relax and keeps your mind free of stressful thoughts.

Ambient music is used in relaxation spas all over the world. Some healthcare practitioners use it to help ease stress in patents during treatment.

Ambient music makes an ideal natural sleep aid. In this article I’ll show you my favorite ambient music that I use to relax and fall asleep, and how you can try it for yourself absolutely free.

Best Ambient Music

Like with any genre of music, there’s plenty of choice so you can picky over what you choose.

The best ambient music for sleep are long albums where the tracks effortlessly blend into each other. This is so that the music doesn’t chop and change throughout the night but instead keeps the same pace between tracks.

Ideally the artist you choose should have more than one album so that you can choose to add to your collection in the future. I’ve found it’s best to stick with the same artist so that there won’t be any vast musical differences between tracks and albums. It all blends into one regardless of the order you play the tracks in.

Liquid Mind

The ultimate compliment to me is that people fall asleep to my music. This is functional music, it seeks to serve the purpose of assisting us to be tranquil, when that is not easy in today’s world. – Chuck Wild (Liquid Mind)

Liquid Mind is the pen name of LA composer Chuck Wild. He is well known for his ultra-relaxing ambient music which are absolutely perfect for sleep. His music is specially designed to help people relax and unwind.

Liquid Mind is an experienced an active composer. There are 12 Liquid Mind albums in total. The first album was released in 1994 and the last one in 2012 so these albums have taken a long time to make and perfect.

Sleep is my favourite out of the bunch. After that, Relax and Lullaby are great picks. But to be honest you can’t really choose wrong. There’s only a very slight variation in tempo across all the albums so they’re all great for sleep.

You can listen previews of each the tracks on the album by clicking the links above. You can also download a Liquid Mind track completely free. Give it a test drive tonight and decide for yourself whether ambient music will help you sleep better.